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Upcoming MySLC maintenance & upgrade

Routine maintenance and upgrades on MySLC will take place, Monday, July 1st. Expect scattered periods where MySLC will be unavailable during the course of that day. Note that this intermittent downtime will also impact the log in functionality for services that use MySLC for authentication (e.g., Nelnet payment portal, Health & Wellness patient portal, the Housing Director system). Please make a note of this date and plan accordingly.

This newest version of the MySLC software includes some new and updated features. Along with the update, MySLC will also be getting a new look and feel. Once the upgrade is complete, watch your email for information about those changes.

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Is MySLC down?

If you think there may be a problem with MySLC, visit: 

These services will tell you whether an internet connection issue may be preventing your particular device from connecting to MySLC ("It's just you.") or if the MySLC server is down ("It's not just you!").

If MySLC is up but you cannot connect to it, try loading MySLC on another device or connecting to the internet another way. For further assistance, see the Help Desk's MySLC page or contact the Help Desk staff at 914-395-2460 or

If MySLC is down, we are likely already aware (thanks to our server monitoring software) and working on a fix! However, if you want to let us know or check in about the status, please sign in and click "Submit a request" next to your name at the top of the screen or email


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